Hello! Thanks for checking out my page! Please feel free to check out my gallery for more artworks!

If you are interested,
Please read the Terms of Service above and contact me via any of the icons listed below!

Commission Types:

-Simple backgrounds are free of charge. (This includes repeatable patterns like a frame, polka dots and plaid)
-More complex backgrounds will start at $10, changing based on complexity. (Nature will be less complex than something like a city background)
-Extra characters will start at $8-$12 extra for colored sketch and $15-$25 for fully rendered. Depending on the pose and the complexity of character interaction, this may increase.
-Complex details such as braids, jewelry, complex patterns and etc will also cost extra. Please DM me for more details and questions.
-All payments are made through paypal.


The following are the Terms of Service between the Commissioner (henceforth "the client") and the Artist. Please read all of the following.

By commissioning me, you agree to the following:

  • -The commission is for personal use only. You cannot use the commission for any sort of profit without paying an additional fee (using it as a wallpaper or a poster to hang in your bedroom is completely fine).

  • -I retain the right to my work, which includes the right to post a commission or use it a sample for self-promotion. (If you’d like for the commission to not be posted, please let me know)

While Commissioning:

  • -Please provide references and clear ideas for the artwork.

  • -I will be sending progress pictures while working on the piece. During that time, I would like some feedback if there are any changes that you would like.

  • -I will allow up to 3 revisions to be made after the piece is finished, after which I will be charging extra.

  • -There will be no refunds once the commission has been started


  • - All payments will be done via PayPal invoice. Until it is paid, the commission is put on hold.

  • - I will either accept full payment up front or 50% payment upfront before the colored sketch and the rest after (this does not apply to colored sketches which must be paid full up front).

  • - I will not accept alternative payments including but not limited to: discord nitro, cryptocurrency, etc.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • -I specialize in anime, fanart, OCs

  • -In general, I am open to most things except for furries and gore (though depending on how out of my range it is, it can cause extra).


  • Should you have any questions please feel free to dm me in discord where I am most active.